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Iris Xie 

Welcome to my page! I’m an NYC-based visual and graphic designer with a background in brand design, illustration, and animation. I’m currently an information designer at Sitara Systems, using technologies to build user experiences for cultural institutions.

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Iris Xie Design

Fall 2021
Poster design, information design, public art


︎ Class project for Design Studio 3 with professor Lucinda Hitchcock.

︎Poster designed on InDesign, annotative research methods done analog and translated into the digital world

We started by bringing in an object to class (banana), and collected pieces of information from the internet and archives relating to the banana. This collection was annotated and organized to form a narrative. I landed on the subjectivity and various modes of humor in reference to a banana (referential, slapstick, Freudian, etc.) This analysis was mapped onto a poster (24x36), which also folds into a papercraft banana.

The next step was making public works of our collections, so I created a public-facing event with the mission of creating one very large banana made of chipboard. This banana was 40 times the scale of the original poster and could fit a person inside. This community bonding experience spread joy and emphasized the lightheartedness and hilarity of BananaCulture.

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