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Iris Xie 

Welcome to my page! I’m an NYC-based visual and graphic designer with a background in brand design, illustration, and animation. I’m currently an information designer at Sitara Systems, using technologies to build user experiences for cultural institutions.

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Iris Xie Design

Information Design Posters
Spring 2023
Data design, infromation hierarchy

Information Design Posters

︎ Focused works from Information Design class with Professor Doug Scott

︎ Adobe Illustrator

Tri-Trek: Three trips originating from the same place

Severance Chapters 9-10: Narrative infromation design

Mapping Malaysia: Drawing and rendering visual relationships within large data sets

Cash App: Summer 2022
Summer 2022
Brand Design, Social Media, Prop Design

Cash App: Summer 2022

︎ Selected works from Summer 2022 Brand Design Internship at Cash App

︎ Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Figma, Procreate

Created content for social media channels Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to maintain brand integrity and creatively engage platform of around 2.2M followers. Averaged 36.4K likes on posts to @CashApp on Instagram. Created an avatar design generator with other interns; project was picked up for prototyping.

The Chrome Library
Fall 2021
Branding, vector illustration, book design

The Chrome Library

︎ Class project for Typography 3 with Hammett Nurosi

︎ Branding assets created on Adobe Illustrator, style guide designed on Adobe InDesign

Link to Style Guide flipthrough here︎︎︎

Created a fictional branding system and accompanying style guide. The Chrome Library is a whimsical community center that is inspired by fables and fairytales.

Isaac & Teve
Spring 2021
Traditional animation, papercraft, character design

Isaac & Teve

︎ Class project for Animation Practices with professor Julie Zammarchi.

︎ Downshot on DSLR with Dragonframe 4, sourced sound with H4 Zoom recorders, soundmixed on Audition. Set and characters made with analog craft.

This one-minute papercraft animation was an exercise in materiality and character design. Methods used for animation included 2D paper puppet techniques, with detachable joints and replaceable hands and feet. The script is sourced from a scene in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag series.

Spring 2021
Book , typeface, and poster design


︎ Class project for Typography 3 with professor Ramon Tejada.

︎ Typeface designed on Illustrator, poster jacket and book designed on InDesign. Printed, folded, and saddle stitched at RISD’s Design Center rm 301. ︎︎︎Animation︎︎︎shot on a downshooter setup with Dragonframe 4. 

Paradise is the marriage between a book, poster, and typeface all based on the idea of multiplicity. We started with Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s TEDTalk, The Danger of a Single Story, and contended with its message that a single story flattens one’s experience. The idea of multiplicity is reflected in my designed typeface, Funstraw Variable, and I explored the dynamics of type styling in the poster jacket. The book contents were curated with the help of my friends, and all have to do with platforming subversive voices.

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